Video Game Testing Job – Play and Get Paid

In this age of more complex games, the video game testing job has been an important part of the development of video games. The people who get to have this type of job enjoy playing games and getting paid for it, and with this fun-sounding opportunity to make money, many video game enthusiasts are also hoping to land a job in the industry, particularly as game testers.Game testers play games that are mostly new ones and haven’t yet released in the market, although they may also play games that have been already released but still needs honing. Their main tasks are finding bugs and glitches of the game as well as reporting crash downs and other flaws that they may encounter while playing the game. This will allow the game developers to correct these flaws before releasing the game to the public and allow them to avoid costly mistakes of releasing a game that the people would eventually reject because of poor quality.Indeed, the video game testing job is a crucial part of maintaining quality games and as the games have grown to be more complex, this type of job has also become in demand.If you are an enthusiast in video and computer games and you want to put your addiction to something that is profitable, you can actually find video game testing jobs, either online of offline. If you know a lot of game developers, or even those budding ones, you can actually get a job doing game testing easily.Although this type of job is quite attractive and appealing for those video game enthusiasts, this can also be difficult to find. These jobs are not often found in online job sites and they may not be advertised, thus you have to exert extra effort in finding them. Online, you can find hints where to find them in forums and online discussions. Although it may not be commonly found in job sites, you can however try your luck there.You can also find websites where they have compiled an updated listing of video game testing jobs as well as gaming companies that are constantly in search of game testers – a sort of one-stop shop for companies and job vacancies that you can apply to.Indeed, finding these jobs can be a challenge but once you are there, a lot of opportunities to play and earn can be just right there in your hands.There are usually no meticulous requirements needed for a game tester. A lot are employed without even having a technical expertise. However, if you are experienced and highly skilled, you may have higher chances of getting a full-time game-testing job.Some game enthusiasts can also get opportunities to play and earn at the comforts of their own home, although this usually is paid hourly. With that, you can also play more to earn more.To become successful in this field, you have to develop your patience more and you must have a keen eye for details as well. Hone your communication skills as well to be able to get good chances in a video game testing job.

Video Games Are Good For You – 5 Reasons Why

If someone tells you that video games can be very good for you then you’ll probably not believe them. After all, these games have a very bad reputation. It is true that people who play lots of games don’t get enough physical activity and this can lead to plenty of health issues. However, there are also many benefits that come from playing these games. The benefits include:1. Video game players develop extremely fast reflexes and increased dexterity: People can develop razor sharp reflexes by playing fast paced games very often. In fact, people training for jobs that need good reflexes and dexterity are encouraged to play lots of games.2. They help relieve stress: Video games give people a safe outlet for aggression, thereby helping them deal better with stress. They have a similarly beneficial effect in the case of depression.3. They help people deal with pain: People suffering from chronic pain or recovering from surgery can use games to enter a state of comfortable ‘mindlessness’ that helps them deal with pain easily.4. Elderly people can keep very busy playing these games: Senior citizens tend to neglect their health because of depression caused by boredom. They can keep very busy playing the right games. These games also offer them a good way of interacting with their grandchildren since this is a common area of interest.5. They promote learning: There are lots of puzzles and brain teasers that can be used to develop language, mathematical or analytical skills. Some games are also very helpful in developing creativity.If you are interested in playing games that benefit you then you should choose the most popular video games in the right category. The highest rated games in a particular category will be great fun to play and not just beneficial. You can avoid wasting your time on the wrong games by playing video game previews. It is also a good idea to spend time reading game reviews so that you know exactly what you are getting into. Player reviews are always a great source of information.You should be especially particular about using video game previews if you are selecting games for your child to play. Keep in mind that some games might have inappropriate content. Be sure to limit your video game playing time to a reasonable limit so that you don’t develop health problems brought upon by a very sedentary lifestyle.

Actual Video Game Tester Career Information

Lots of gamers are in search of reliable video game tester career information. Unfortunately, not many of them are happy with the information they find. Why? Because the ads that say testers get paid up to $120 per hour aren’t telling the full story — they’re only telling part of it. And frankly, they are telling the best part.First, get the idea out of your head that you’re going to be paid to have lots of fun and play video games all day long. It’s a fantasy, pure and simple. Although you will be paid to play video games and you might have “some” fun, you’re not going to have nearly as much fun & enjoyment as you think. Why not? Simply because video game testing isn’t meant to be fun.When providing video game tester career information, most people glorify the “playing” part of the job, but they don’t actually say anything about the testing part; the part that means the most for a video game tester.Yes, it’s true you’ll be playing video games for pay. But, the thing of it is you won’t be playing the games as though you were at home. No, instead you’ll be playing them solely for the purpose of fixing & repairing them. Rather than enjoying the game from start to finish, you’ll be assigned areas of the game that you must play over and over and over again. Ask yourself, does repeating the same thing again & again sound like a fun experience to you? Probably not!During this “repetition fest,” a game tester will be required to take notes on any problems he comes across; glitches, bugs, and other abnormalities. These notes must be well detailed, as they will be used by programmers to repair the game and make it tip-top. If the notes are incomprehensible, the programmers and coders won’t be able to do their job; meaning deadlines will be missed and developers will be angry.This is the video game tester career information that most people tend to ignore. Although professional video game testing can be great, it’s the work described above that generally keeps gamers at bay.Is video game testing an awful career choice because there is a bit of work involved? No, of course not — it’s just a necessary evil that must be done in order to enjoy the perks of video game testing; which happen to be new free video games, an enormous salary, insider information on the latest and greatest new games, and above all else, the chance to test new video games from home!